World-class designer and manufacturer with over 44 years of experience delivering custom engineered, innovative and sustainable pumping solutions for highly abrasive and corrosive applications.

Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a pioneer in the circular economy, Neptuno Pump shas adapted its capabilities to reduce, reuse and recycle its customer's waste through remanufacturing and redesigning, as well as reducing their C02 emissions through energy efficient pumping solutions, redefining the relationship between end-user and manufacturer



"Manufacturer of the Year" Award

Runner-Up for the Circular Economy Enterprise Award and Finalist for the People’s Choice Award at the World Economic Forum’s 2016 The Circulars

Neptuno Pumps has become the first Chilean and Latin American Company to be selected as Runner-Up for the Circular Economy Enterprise Award and Finalist for the People’s Choice Award at the World Economic Forum’s 2016 The Circulars in Davos.

The World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Circular Economy Taskforce selected Neptuno Pumps selected due to the interesting and thought provoking circular story that our entry brings, not just to the Circulars Awards themselves, but also to the wider community in a way that will inspire others to adopt circular economy principles.


"Technical Innovation of the Year - Projects" Award

Improving Performance of Minera Collahuasi’s Water Pumping System

Collahuasi Mining Co., located in Chile at 4.500 meters above sea level, has one of the most aggressive waters in the world, reaching 50.000 (mg/l) of chloride concentration. Neptuno Pumps performed a complete redesign of its pumps through a complete CFD/FEA analysis together with a full material upgrade, incorporating superior alloys and advanced engineered thermoplastics which improved pump operational availability in a 600%, reaching 18.000 hours of continuous operation, allowing savings of US$650,000 per year.


The mining industry is dependent of factors given by its mineral resource, therefore the only factor that can be affected by humans is the creation and application of technology to support the work and extraction efficiency. This category rewards those who have developed the best solutions, technologies and / or services in the extraction and exploitation of mineral resources.

"Premios Avonni 2014 Winner, Mining and Metallurgy"

"Contribution to Innovation in the Mining Industry"

Chile's Ministry of Mining and the Industrial Association of Iquique recognizes Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi SCM and Neptuno Pumps for their contribution to innovation in the mining industry by winning the "Technical Innovation of the Year - Projects” at the Pump Industry Awards 2015, in England.

"2014 Energy Awards Finalist, Water Efficient Project of the Year"

This category rewards companies that have excelled in water management in either a single project or across an organisation and is open to contractors, consultants and end-users alike. The judges are interested in strategy, technology and techniques. Repeatability for best practice, wider environmental benefit and innovation will be highly scored.

Neptuno Pumps "Engineering & Production Technology Leadership" Award

"Engineering & Production Technology Leadership" Award


Winners in this category will have embraced new design and production approaches to drive game-changing process improvements, adopting technologies such as advanced 3D modeling and simulation, sensor networks, additive/3D printing, advanced materials, process automation platforms, and advanced robotics. Winning projects will have contributed positively to improving efficiency, increasing responsiveness, and reducing costs.


"This distinction derives from the evaluation of more than 370 professionals, belonging to the largest mining companies operating in Chile, made during the months of March and April 2014 and 2016, under the Third and Fifth Ranking Mining Suppliers."

“Best Local Supplier”

"Premio Exportador Innovador"

As part of the celebration of 40 years of ProChile, Neptuno Pumps received the "2014 Innovative Exporter Award" during the Business Meeting for Mining Providers.


“Recyclápolis Foundation” Award - Neptuno® Engineering & Manufacturing

“Recyclápolis Foundation” Award


"This award aims to recognize the efforts of companies in the mining cluster and suppliers to develop projects that demonstrate a real commitment to new trends in sustainability and environmental stewardship."

2do Lugar

"Mejor Emprendimiento"

Premios Santa Rita 2016 "Mejor Empresario & Empresas"

 Diario Financiero

For the twenty-second consecutive year, Diario Financiero has reviewed the most important events of the year and consulted the opinion of numerous personalities from the business and financial world, to select and propose to our readers the candidacies for the "Best Entrepreneur Award" and " Highlights of Chile 2016 ".

"Premio Nacional Empresas

Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile

Año 2016"

The Colegio de Ingenieros instituted in 1992 the National Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile Award, which is awarded annually to the Engineer, Company or Institution that has been the most outstanding due to executed works, services rendered, studies or projects carried out that contribute to the Development.

"Ramón Salas Edwards" Award


Presented by the Institute of Engineers of Chile (, the best scientific and technological work related to engineering, for the work "Design and Manufacture of New Pumping Water Recirculation for a mining company."

Ramon Salas Edwards Award - Neptuno-Pumps®
Ramon Salas Edwards Award - Neptuno-Pumps®
"Innovación Técnológica en Ingeniería" - Neptuno® Engineering & Manufacturing

"Technological Innovation in Engineering"


This award, given each year the Faculty of Engineering and Science, recognizes the company or institution that originated nationally or implemented innovative technological solutions with high potential for development.

"Technical Innovation of the Year - Projects" Award

Antofagasta Minerals’ Minera Los Pelambres, located in Chile, wanted to increase their reclaim water pumping capacity without changing its pipeline. After making a complete engineering analysis of Tranque El Mauro pumping system, Neptuno Pumps custom engineered ten high-head vertical turbine pumps that would operate at their best efficiency point. This allowed a 22% increase in pumping capacity and a 33% reduction in equipment, while saving more than US$ 1M in energy costs per year.

Manufacturer of the Year, finalist - Neptuno® Engineering & Manufacturing
Supplier of the Year, finalist - Neptuno® Engineering & Manufacturing


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