Engineering - Neptuno® Engineering & Manufacturing
Engineering - Neptuno® Engineering & Manufacturing


Neptuno® has a highly qualified team of multidisciplinary engineers, assisted by the most advanced design and computational simulation technology in the world, which guarantees the high quality of its products and services.




    Design mechanical / hydraulicin-house certificate

    2D/3D CAD


    Casting simulation software world`s most advanced

    Simulation mold filling, solidification and cooling

    Optimization of the casting conditions



Engineering - Neptuno® Engineering & Manufacturing


    CFD Simulations (Computer Fluid Dynamics)

    FEA Simulations (Finite Element Analysis)





    In-house Certified Mechanical/Hydraulic Design

    FEA Simulations (Finite Element Analysis): Linear & Non-

    Linear Static, Static & Dynamic, Stress, Fatigue and
    Vibration Analysis

    CFD Analysis and Simulations (Computer Fluid

    Dynamics): Heat Transfer, Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase

    Flows, Steady State and Transient Flows

    Piping System Analysis and Pumping Systems

    Material Selection

    Full Dimensional Analysis

    Products Engineered to Customers Specifications

    Front-End Engineering and Consultancy

    Project Management



Cutting-edge technology CAD/CAM and CAE Working Stations (Computer Aided Engineering)




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